Revolutionary In-floor
heating for Laminate and
Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The heating film is based on the electric resistance of the carbon. This material has perfect insulating and fire proof properties. The infrared heating film is manufactured of carbon and silver lattice on proprietary Laminex Film. The copper bus bar (electrode) provides the electric current, while the silver lattice secures the material to prevent sparking.

Baseboard and Radiator heaters

Our heat films full surface area heating technology provides a far more efficient, full room heating application as compared to conventional baseboard electric heat, that is by design only capable of heating the first 20” from the heat element. Baseboard and radiator systems requires much more energy to heat the entire room, as it has only a single and limited heat source where the heat energy dissipates as it travels across the room. It is apparent that these systems consume far more energy to perform the same function to heat a room that results in uneven heat distribution.

HVAC forced Air

Forced air HVAC systems create a large volume of air circulating through a room spreading dust and creating areas of uneven temperatures. With HexHeat, installed in the floor, the far-infrared heating fills the entire room with even heat.

HexHeat : Finally Uniform Heat

Our far infrared heat film technology requires a lower ambient temperature to warm an area than other forms of heat because it covers the entire floor surface area and radiates far infrared heat energy upward. This fills the entire room with uniform heat throughout.

Heat_Pump_Split_Ductless_Heatingmini split cut away2
HexHeat Accompanies Heat Pumps, VRF and Mini-Splits

A perfect complement to Mini Split Systems As we work with many contractors installing Mini-splits, VRFs and heat pumps, we have learned there is a need for an energy efficient solution to provide supplementary or primary heat in the depths of winter if a system fails for any reason during the cold exterior temperatures. Many of these contractors explained our heat film offers a far more efficient alternative to secondary baseboard heating as back up.
Several of those contractors also mentioned depending on application requirements of their clients, running the coils into other rooms was cost prohibitive as result of budgetary restraints. HexHeat solved those applications as well. By using Mini-splits and VRFs with HexHeat in tandem, it maximizes energy efficiency while maintaining a clients budget.


Images below clearly demonstrate the difference between heating cable and heating film in the infrared heat spectrum. As you can see, the heating cable is hotter at each bend and HexHeat produces a uniform heat throughout.

Radiant Cable

Anti-coupling membrane Embedded in thin set or concrete Heat and energy loading at each bend in cable High energy consumption to warm first 24" off floor At least 3 days to install with finished floor

Far infrared HexHeat

Can be used with Laminate, LVT and SPC flooring Patented connectors allows simple connection to adjacent roll of film Uniform heat throughout the entire room Installed with finished floor in less than a day Once up to temperature is achieved, this system operates on 40% of the total wattage per square meter.

Standard Sizes for 240V
Combined area up to 290 sq ft
Up to Temperature 60cm = 120w/m2 100cm = 140w/m2
Temperature Max Wattage
SHK-306-DIY3 60cm | 24” 3m | 9’10” 19 sqft 216W 130W 859
SHK-306-DIY5 60cm | 24” 5m | 16’5” 32 sqft 360w 216W 1432
SHK-306-DIY7 60cm | 24” 7m | 22’11” 45 sqft 504W 302W 2005
SHK-310-DIY3 100cm | 39” 3m | 9’10” 32 sqft 420W 252W 1432
SHK-310-DIY5 100cm | 39” 5m | 16’5” 53 sqft 700W 420W 2387
SHK-310-DIY7 100cm | 39” 7m | 22’11” 75 sqft 980W 588W 3342

Other sizes and custom orders are available on request.

Standard Sizes for 120V
Combined area up to 150sqft
Up to Temperature 120 Watts per square meter
Temperature Max Wattage
Power to
maintain temperature
SHK-306-DIY3U 60cm | 24” 3m | 9’10” 19 sqft 216W 130W 737
SHK-306-DIY5U 60cm | 24” 5m | 16’5” 32 sqft 360W 216w 1228
SHK-306-DIY7U 60cm | 24” 7m | 22’11” 45 sqft 504W 302w 1719

Patented Connector The first and only patented Plug & Play Connector in North America. This technology has been in Europe for many years but has been refined to achieve full CAN-UL-US recognition for North America.

  1. Carbon Heating Element
  2. Copper Bus Bar
  3. Silver Terraced Bus Bar
  4. Base PET Film
  5. Proprietary Laminex Film
Hex Heat

Health Benefits

Our far-infrared radiant heat gives a longer lasting and more complete heating effect than other heating systems and are known to effectively suppress odors and growth of germs providing a healthier environment.
We have all experienced the soothing warmth of summer sun on our skin. Our heat film technology, like the sun, produces nearly identical radiant heat waves which work to heat up water. Given that the human body is made up of mostly water, this infrared heat transfers extremely effectively and can help gently increase blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and even provide pain relief.

Unlike forced air heating systems, our infrared radiant heating technology does not blow dust or allergens, which can have a negative effect on the respiratory tract (effecting asthmatics, people with contact lenses, allergies, and more).
Stable moisture, which is good for rheumatism sufferers and not to mention that moisture promotes the growth of mold and mites, which can cause asthma and bronchitis in predisposed people.
Helps improve circulation and promotes cell growth.

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