Revolutionary In-floor
heating for Laminate and
Luxury Vinyl Flooring

We have partnered with OJ Electronics in North America to provide the highest quality thermostats for our HexHeat product lines. OJ Electronics are the Global Leader of in-floor radiant heat controls.

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The HexHeat Plug & Play requires an underlayment product with a thickness of 8mm and a compression strength of at least 30psi. This thickness is required for the connector portion to be inserted to install flush into the floor. See our installation manual for more details.
We offer a synthetic cork underlayment that comes in a 200 sq ft package of 25 pieces measuring 24" x 48" x 8mm thick. This provides great sound insulation properties and meets or exceeds the standards required for the flooring.
When used on a concrete slab, it prevents heat loss from the concrete as it creates a thermal break between the concrete and the HexHeat. This helps radiate the heat upwards into the room more efficiently.

8mm thickness Synthetic cork
Safe for radiant heat no foil backing
Insulation properties Thermal reflectivity to direct heat into the floor

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